10 Best Jenever Gin Brands April 2015

Alcohol preferences are often regionally based, which is why certain drinks can only be made in certain locations. When it comes to gin, most people think of associations in London and other parts of England. However, some of the most famous gins actually come from Dutch countries. This gin is called jenever, and its name is derived from the juniper berry that serves as a base for the drink. The two major brewing techniques are known as old and young. The old variation has more flavor. Young jenevers are more neutral. Get the leading jenever gin label from this list. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading Jenever Gin Label Logo: Citadelle Reserve Gin

#1 of 10 Leading Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Citadelle Reserve Gin is a reinvention of an old style of adult beverage. Though its makers call it a gin, this spirit is actually a jenever. In the history of spirits, jenever came before gin. In fact, gin would not exist without this predecessor. Today, the less-filtered, more-flavorful jenever is making a comeback in the adult-beverage marketplace, and Citadelle Reserve Gin is leading the charge! Pick up a bottle, and use it in your favorite gin cocktail for a new take on an "old standby". As always, enjoy this beverage responsibly.

 Best Jenever Gin Label Logo: Diep 9 Young Grain Genever Gin

#2 of 10 Best Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Diep9 Old is made in 52 gallon micro-batches, and it is twice distilled, using wheat, barley, and rye malts, as well as nine assorted botanicals. It is distilled in a vintage copper pot, in keeping with traditional 18th century distillation methods. Its light yellow hue has been described as "champagne-like", and its complex tasting notes are that of English cider, crumbled nuts and pastry dough, with a smooth, dry body and a buttery/egg aroma that hints of fruit. The finish is sweet and grainy, leaving an intense, cereal-like aftertaste. Enjoy it neat, or on ice with an orange peel.

 Best Jenever Gin Label Logo: Bols Barrel Aged Genever Gin

#3 of 10 Leading Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - The original Dutch spirit, Bols Genever is crafted in accordance with Lucas Bols' original 1820 recipe, using mildly distilled, native Dutch grains, and a complicated, thoughtfully selected array of botanicals. Barrel-Aged is a limited edition premium gin that is left to mature in oak barrels for a minimum of 18 months. This extended aging process gives this spirit its soft, golden, champagne-like color and full-bodied, sweet oak taste. Referred to as "Dutch Courage", this gin is traditionally enjoyed neat, but it is also excellent on the rocks, or as the perfect mixer for many cocktails, such as the original Collins.

 Top Jenever Gin Label Logo: Few American Gin

#4 of 10 Top Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - FEW American Gin is produced in Evanston, Illinois at an old distillery where everything is still done by hand. The gin has a distinctive taste that reflects the quality ingredients used during production. The taste of FEW American Gin starts with gentle notes of vanilla and a little lemon. It ends with a spicy flavor that includes hints of juniper. FEW American Gin is created in very small batches using traditional techniques that have been passed down for decades. Every part of the process is done by hand including the final bottling. Only the best ingredients are chosen and blended together by experts in the industry. FEW American Gin is one of the finest spirits you can find today.

 Best Jenever Gin Label Logo: Aviation Dutch Style Gin

#5 of 10 Leading Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Those seeking a new experience in gin should investigate Aviation American Gin. This dutch-styled jenever is distilled in true American fashion under the principal of botanical democracy. No one botanical is allowed to dominate the proceedings: every one of them has an equal share, bringing an exclusive and characteristically complex flavor to this masterfully crafted gin. The experienced gin enthusiast will taste the traditional flavors of juniper and lavender, as well as coriander, sarsaparilla and sweetened dried orange pill. Rated a 97 by Wine Enthusiast, Pacific Northwest gin will be sure to win your vote!

 Best Jenever Gin Label Logo: Genevieve Genever Style Gin

#6 of 10 Best Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Anchor Distilling, based out of San Francisco, California, has a lot of experience creating fine spirits through small-batch methods. A by-product of their experimentation with 19th century gin making, the Genevieve Genever is distilled using a mash of barley, rye and wheat. It is distilled in the traditional copper pot with a traditional array of juniper berry and other exotic botanicals, but it is the complex grain mash that sets this genever apart from contemporary gins, providing a complexity and rich character that isn’t found in other gins. Enjoy over ice, and be sure it is shaken, not stirred.

 Top Jenever Gin Label Logo: Ketel 1 Originale Graanjenever

#7 of 10 Best Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Ketel 1 Originale Graanjenever has a proof of 70, making it a little lower than some other gins on the market. The distillery that makes the gin was founded in 1691. It is still family owned and operated. The business is known for the vodka that it makes, but the gin that it produces has smooth flavors and wonderful aromas. This gin is made with a grain spirit. It has a strong flavor of beer and other grains instead of the juniper that you might expect to find.

 Top Jenever Gin Label Logo: Filliers No. 28 Dry Gin

#8 of 10 Leading Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - To the gin afficianado, Filliers No. 28 Dry Gin is a treasure. It carries its own distinct flavors, which is the mark common of any Filliers product. Like all spirits produced by this label, No. 28 is a small-batch beverage. In kind, it carries a price tag that may give some people pause. With that said, this spirit is worth every penny, and every dram you drink of it will be memorable. Pick up your own bottle of Filliers No. 28 Dry Gin, and use it responsibly in your favorite gin cocktails.

 Top Jenever Gin Label Logo: Oregon Spirit Distillers Merrylegs Gin

#9 of 10 Best Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Oregon Spirit Distillers Merrylegs Gin is made by a company that believes in grain to glass production. The company is family owned and uses the best products possible. This gin is similar to Dutch brands that have a sweeter taste and smoother complexity. There isn't as much juniper added so that the natural flavors shine through. Berries used in the gin are picked by hand. There isn't an overwhelming alcohol taste, making this a gin that is ideal for mixing.

 Top Jenever Gin Label Logo: Wigle Ginever Gin

#10 of 10 Best Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Ginever is crafted in Pittsburgh from a grain base of barley, rye, and wheat, and a complicated variety of botanicals, giving it a fuller, more well-rounded feel than other modern gins. Juniper is the tasting highlight, but it is soon accompanied by a whole host of other botanicals such as spicy cubeb, fragrant lavender and earthy, exotic cardamom, all combining to create a complex, multifaceted taste experience. As with all their other spirits, Wigle Ginever is made by hand, in micro-batches, and in a traditional copper pot still. All of their ingredients are organic, including the locally sourced, heirloom grains.

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