10 Best Jenever Gin Brands August 2015

Alcohol preferences are often regionally based, which is why certain drinks can only be made in certain locations. When it comes to gin, most people think of associations in London and other parts of England. However, some of the most famous gins actually come from Dutch countries. This gin is called jenever, and its name is derived from the juniper berry that serves as a base for the drink. The two major brewing techniques are known as old and young. The old variation has more flavor. Young jenevers are more neutral. Get the leading jenever gin label from this list. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Jenever Gin Label Logo: Citadelle Reserve Gin

#1 of 10 Top Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Citadelle Reserve Gin is a dry gin imported from the south western region of France. It is distinctive thanks to being one of the only wood-aged gins currently on the market. It is distilled from a base of wheat grain as well as a blend of 19 different botanicals. It is a woody and quite savory tasting gin. You will also taste hints of nutmeg, juniper and citrus peel. It has a quite aromatic finish. Citadelle Reserve Gin is also quite distinctive due to its rich history. It was first distilled in 1775 at the behest of King Louis XVI in the Citadelle in Dunkirk.

 Top Jenever Gin Label Logo: Diep 9 Young Grain Genever Gin

#2 of 10 Leading Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Diep 9 Young Grain Genever Gin is a beverage that is double distilled in a copper pot, giving it the elegant copper color that is seen in a glass. It has a 35 percent alcohol content by volume. Oily edges can be seen when swirling the gin. Cereal malt can be smelled when opening the bottle along with hints of flowers and spices. When tasting the gin, you can detect a malty flavor. There are also notes of grapes and pepper, leaving a slight warming sensation in the mouth.

 Best Jenever Gin Label Logo: Bols Barrel Aged Genever Gin

#3 of 10 Best Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - One of the Best Jenever Gin Brands named Bols Barrel Aged Genever Gin dates back to an astonishing 1575 in Amsterdam. The Bols company uses old time methods and secrets that have been carried on for centuries from master distiller to master distiller. The Aged Genever Gin is made with premium ingredients like herbs, fruits, and botanicals. They use three processes to extract flavors from their chosen ingredients called percolation, maceration, and distillation to make the extracts that are used to produce the spirits. The extracts are mixed with alcohol and water to create the flavor profile that meets their strict standards.

 Best Jenever Gin Label Logo: Few American Gin

#4 of 10 Leading Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Few American Gin is a clear drink that comes in a bottle with a green logo design on the front. This is a beverage that has a warm sensation when drinking with a whiskey base. There is a hint of juniper when smelling and drinking the gin. You can also detect hints of coriander and lemon. There is a slight burning sensation on finishing. A slight toasted flavor is also present that is blended with the citrus flavors.

 Leading Jenever Gin Label Logo: Aviation Dutch Style Gin

#5 of 10 Top Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Jenever is the drinker's opportunity to "step back in time" with the aid of a spirited liquid in a glass. This is not "meta" or euphemistic. Jenever was a precursor to today's neutral gin meant for cocktails. Aviation Dutch Style Gin is a jenever, and it is a great way to "throw a change-up pitch" at one's favorite mixed bevie. This is a fine, less-refined spirit to serve to friends and family, and it accompanies a worthy toast nicely. Most importantly, Aviation Dutch Style Gin is definitely for responsible adults. Show it and other people a little respect.

 Leading Jenever Gin Label Logo: Genevieve Genever Style Gin

#6 of 10 Best Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - "Best Jenever Gin Brand" winners Genevieve Genever Style Gin pay homage to a time when what would become gin was used to make delicious mixed drinks. Before they called drinks cocktails. Before gin was super refined, there was jenever. Today, it is making a comeback because people want to taste more flavors in their gin. Genevieve Genever Style Gin is gin with great character. Serve it in your favorite gin cocktail. You will notice new flavors, and you will bring your favorite cocktail new life. Genevieve Genever Style Gin should always be consumed by responsible people.

 Best Jenever Gin Label Logo: Ketel 1 Originale Graanjenever

#7 of 10 Leading Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - While Ketel 1 is now best known for its vodka, its roots can be traced back to a jenever distillery. Jenever is a variation of gin that is even drier than the more common London dry gin. In keeping with its heritage, Ketel 1 offers Originale Graanjenever. It is distilled completely from grain. This gives it a malty taste. There are also hints of spices and fruits. The traditional gin flavor of juniper is also present, but it is more subtle than it usually is in the spirit.

 Leading Jenever Gin Label Logo: Filliers No. 28 Dry Gin

#8 of 10 Leading Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Filliers have have been distilling small batches of their Jenever Gin Brand Filliers No. 28 Gin since 1880. Master Distiller, Firmin Filliers added 28 unique flavor enhancers, including citrus, exotic herbs and roots such as licorice in 1928, which perfected the family recipe. Keeping with authentic traditions like distilling in copper pots, followed by patient aging in charred French Limousin Oak Barrels renders an invariably superior gin with subdued flower and citrus notes and just a suggestion of vanilla.

 Leading Jenever Gin Label Logo: Oregon Spirit Distillers Merrylegs Gin

#9 of 10 Top Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Oregon Spirit Distillers Merrylegs Gin is made by a company that grinds and ferments its own mash. This is a family owned business, and the care used in creating and gin is evident in the taste of the drink. The bottle has an intricate design, revealing the clear color. Several notes combine together, including juniper, anise, lemon and pink rose. When tasting the drink, the flavors come together in somewhat of a rose bouquet leaving a delicate finish on the palate.

 Leading Jenever Gin Label Logo: Wigle Ginever Gin

#10 of 10 Best Jenever Gin Labels of 2015 - Wigle Ginever Gin is a 94 proof gin that is clear in color. It comes in a small round bottle with a brown top. There is a large green label wrapped around the bottle. Organic grains are used when making the gin. Juniper is a prominent note when smelling and tasting with a hint of whiskey flavor as an underlying tone. Rye and malted barley are used as a base with pepper, lavender and juniper added as top notes.

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