10 Best Rum Brands July 2015

Check out the following list to find a leading rum brand with an excellent taste. Since selecting quality rum is best left to the experts, you can rely on this list to sample one or more of the 10 best rum labels on the market. Drink rum manufactured from sugar cane and coconut or rum that is distilled in oak barrels. The scents and complex flavors satisfy your palate and sooth your mind. You can even select rum made with citrus peels, butterscotch or pears. If you want to experience the best rum, try a label on this list. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Ron Zacapa Rum
#1 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Ron Zacapa Rum

Zacapa, Guatemala

#1 of 10 Leading Rum Labels of 2015 - World-class and noted for being one of the finest Guatemalan rums, Ron Zacapa Rum begins with a base of virgin sugar cane, honeyed to a golden brown with glimmering amber highlights. This rum is aged for up to 23 years, depending on the artisan, and there are exotic Guatemalan spices used for added flavor and fragrance. Honeyed with the sweetness of caramel and the fruitiness of Guatemalan dried fruits, Ron Zacapa Rum warms taste buds with a lingering heat from hints of licorice. There are also elements of pure vanilla bean, the smokiness of oak, and tones of dark cocoa.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Motu Rum
#2 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Motu Rum

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#2 of 10 Leading Rum Labels of 2015 - Motu Rum brings a hint of the islands to your nose and mouth. The color of the rum is of a delicate gold. It comes in a bottle that has a wicker design on the label. The beverage originates from an area of the South Pacific. Only the best ingredients are used in making the rum. Various notes of nuts and vanilla are present when smelling and tasting. There are also hints of sugar cane.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Maximo Extra Anejo Rum
#3 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Maximo Extra Anejo Rum

Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba

#3 of 10 Leading Rum Labels of 2015 - Handcrafted using rare, vintage from around Cuba, Maximo Extra Anejo Rum is an exotic mixture of native flavors and fragrances, bringing culture with every sip. The amber glow of this rum is distinctive, catching attention with golden highlights the shimmer when the bottle is moved. The flavor profile is an intricate intermingling of intense oak, rich vanilla, silky dark chocolate, dried fruits, and subtler tones of coconut and pears. Maximo Extra Anejo Rum comes in a classy, elegant crystal bottle, lending an added shine to the gold-tinged liquid within. This is superior, supreme Cuban rum with a reputation for being the best.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Vizcaya Rum
#4 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Vizcaya Rum

Vizcaya, Dominican Republic

#4 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Vizcaya Rum has been named one of the best rum brands in the world, and their collection is a simple line-up of delicious, handcrafted blends. Most of their rums have been hand-blended from powerful elements, such as sweet brown sugar, caramel, vanilla, and maple, and a handful of complex, bold spices that thrive in the Dominican Republic. Dubbed a fine sipping rum, the assortment of Vizcaya Rums are crafted to be savored. This is a slow, luxurious un-winder for those who seek relaxation and smooth, warm refreshment after an arduous afternoon. Aged for up to eight years, these rums range from beautiful light gold to deep amber.

 Best Rum Label Logo: DonQ Gran Anejo Rum
#5 of 10 Top Rum Labels

DonQ Gran Anejo Rum

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#5 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Described as mellowing to the soul, tantalizing to the taste buds, and soothing to the nerves, DonQ Gran Anejo Rum features a distinctive combination of exotic fragrances and flavors. There are a blend of rums in each bottle, intermingled and aged together for three to twelve years. Each batch is a beautiful golden color, representing strength, smoothness, and uniqueness. Handcrafted to be savored, DonQ Gran Anejo Rum is best served straight-up or on the rocks, then slowly sipped. Perfect for lounging after a strenuous afternoon of hard work, this rum combines flavor profiles of caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, oak, molasses, and Puerto Rican spices.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Cruzan Single Barrel Rum
#6 of 10 Leading Rum Labels

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

#6 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Honeyed to an amber golden that seems to shimmer as the bottle is drained, Cruzan Single Barrel Rum is a mash-up of aged, vintage rums from beautiful regions in the Caribbean. This award-winning rum has been aged for twelve years, and bottled one batch at a time from oaken, seaside casks. Cruzan Single Barrel Rum features a distinctive, smooth flavor and fragrance, boasting notes of sweet caramel, charred and smoky oak, and warm butterscotch. There are also scents of toffee and vanilla, perfect for savoring straight-up, on the rocks, or in a delicious cocktail. This rum is the epitome of decadence for true enthusiasts.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Ron Barceló Rum
#7 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Ron Barceló Rum

San Pedro de Macorós, Dominican Republic

#7 of 10 Leading Rum Labels of 2015 - Ron Barceló Rum is a brand founded in the Dominican Republic in 1930. Since becoming prevalent frontrunners in the rum business, this brand has received numerous awards for their unique flavors and fragrances that make each bottle of rum a dream to true spirit connoisseurs. Ranging from light gold, to amber, or mahogany, the Ron Barceló Rums feature distinctive, bold tastes, blended from fine, native spices, and aged to perfection in casks beside the Caribbean seashores. The first of the Ron Barceló collection, and the most popular, is the Imperial – an amber-hued combination of dried cherries, cream butter, pineapple jam, warm vanilla, and caramel with walnuts.

 Leading Rum Label Logo: Rogue Dark Rum
#8 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Rogue Dark Rum

Independence, Oregon

#8 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Popular for being one of the best rums for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike, Rogue Dark Rum is an award-winning spirit with a delicious flavor profile, sleek bottle, and deep brown coloring with golden highlights. This rum is infused with toffee and oak, but also features the traditional base of fermented molasses and 100-percent pure sugar cane. Hints of brown sugar give Rogue Dark Rum an extra bite of sweetness, while a combination of roasted nuts and spices lend a medium-bodied heat that lingers. Distinctive and unique, this rum is aged in used whiskey barrels in small batches for ultimate flavor and fragrance.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Kinkynero Dark Rum
#9 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Kinkynero Dark Rum

Sydney, Australia

#9 of 10 Leading Rum Labels of 2015 - Golden with rich amber highlights that seem to shimmer at the smooth pour of each drink, Kinkynero Dark Rum is a delicious, blended mash-up of flavors and fragrances from Trinidad and Tobago. The rum’s dark color is attributed to the two years spent churning within a charred wooden barrel, gathering the spiced, smoky flavor and strengthening in lingering heat. The rich boldness of Kinkynero Dark Rum has stuck around since the 17th century, making this one of the oldest, most timeless spirits in history. The combined flavors and fragrances within this rum include cocoa, raisins, and warm vanilla – perfect for cocktails or straight-up shots.

 Leading Rum Label Logo: Santa Teresa Selecto Rum
#10 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Santa Teresa Selecto Rum

Santa Teresa, Venezuela

#10 of 10 Leading Rum Labels of 2015 - Aged between seven and nine years in well-tended oak barrels, Santa Teresa Selecto Rum originated in Venezuela, and the flavors and fragrances are infused with exotic spices that are native to that region. This is a taste of bottled culture that true rum enthusiasts consider a must-have for their connoisseur alcohol cabinet. Versatile and bold with flavors that work well with cocktails, straight-up shots, and on-the-rocks tumblers, Santa Teresa Selecto Rum features a distinctive blend that includes warm caramel, vanilla, and smoky herbs from a combination of light and dark rums. A tinge of oak enhances the flavor, making this one of the richest, most decadent rums on the market.

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