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Bacardi Gold Rum

Since 1862, Cuban rum masters have imparted a delicate drinking revolution for the international community of libation aficionados. Bacardi Gold's transcendent legacy mingles with an old-school approach to generate the most critically acclaimed spirit in existence. You simply cannot beat 150 years of respected experience. While the times may transform rapidly, today’s fads will never get in the way of Bacardi's brilliance. Timeless cocktails are seamlessly created, but majestic modern mixtures are happily enabled too. To unlock a caramel craze that provokes your palate’s passions, simply indulge in this honey-oak marvel. Also, nothing relaxes the mind and spirit like syrupy molasses; luckily, this bombastic brew carries endless viscous delights. The brand's trademark stickiness will whet your appetite while wetting your taste buds. Bacardi Gold presents mankind with a drinkable time capsule from the past's most exotic tropical locale. Woodsy undertones are balanced by wholesome hints of vanilla, banana and citrus peels.

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