10 Best Grain Vodka Brands December 2014

Vodka is made by fermenting a starchy substance. While many popular variations rely on potatoes, fruits or sugar, grains are another alternative. When grains are used in the fermentation process, the resulting drink has a distinctive texture and a provocative taste. If you are looking for the leading grain vodka label, you can start by perusing the list below. These brands represent the best in the industry. You can trust that every label will provide excellent taste for your drinking needs. Check each label carefully to see exactly what grains are used. The options can include wheat, rye and more. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Grain Vodka Label Logo: Crystal Head Vodka
#1 of 10 Best Grain Vodka Labels

Crystal Head Vodka

Newfoundland, Canada

#1 of 10 Top Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - Crystal Head Vodka is made of gluten-free grain that is combined with peaches. The water used to fill each bottle of this premium Vodka comes from pristine springs in Newfoundland. A seven step filtration process then produces the highest quality water for Crystal Head Vodka. Herkimer diamonds are utilized in this thorough filtering. Each bottle of this fine spirit does not contain any artificial additives, sugars or glycerol. The organic character of this Vodka is a major highlight that drinkers could appreciate. Cool and crisp, this particular blend can be enhanced as a cocktail with some fresh lemon or lime.

 Top Grain Vodka Label Logo: Ice Fox Vodka
#2 of 10 Leading Grain Vodka Labels

Ice Fox Vodka

San Francisco, California

#2 of 10 Leading Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - Ice Fox is an award winning hand created grain vodka, made in a boutique distillery in San Francisco. The finest sweet corn is transported to the distillery from some of the finest farms in the United States. It's then distilled three times, using spring water from the Sierra Mountains. The maker claims this repeated process makes the vodka purer. Their master distiller monitors the exacting quality control process, ensuring the pure and crisp quality of each bottle. Ice Fox is an exclusive vodka and sold only in the United States, British Columbia and Hong Kong.

 Leading Grain Vodka Label Logo: Prenzel Southern Star Vodka

#3 of 10 Leading Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - There are no preservatives or additives used in the making of Prenzel Southern Star Vodka. Only the best, all-natural grains are selected for this distilled spirit. This crafter uses a multi-step filtering process that is unique only to Prenzel. One of the great things about this vodka is that it is great by itself or as a base for a great cocktail. It has a smooth mouth-feel that consumers enjoy and it is without the bitter aftertaste that some vodkas are known to have. Enjoy a taste in a shot glass and in a mixed drink to experience the best that this vodka has to offer.

 Top Grain Vodka Label Logo: Status Vodka

#4 of 10 Top Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - Status Vodka is made in a traditional distillery in the Ukraine. The water that is used to dilute each bottle is derived from a well that is more than 700 feet deep. A seven-step filtering process removes impurities before the water is mixed with grain that's allowed to age. The rich and smooth texture of Status Vodka is ideal for making cocktails in sophisticated bar and lounge settings. This signature label is heavily influenced by the rich tradition of Vodka-making in eastern Europe and Russia. Master distillers ensure that grains properly mature before they're mixed with other secret organic extracts.

 Leading Grain Vodka Label Logo: Zing Premium Vodka

#5 of 10 Best Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - A unique distilling process is used to make Zing Premium Vodka. A column-style still is in place with several filtration systems. Each batch of vodka undergoes a quadruple distilling process to ensure that only the purest tasting vodka is returned and made available for consumers. Zing uses corn and wheat grains that are high-quality, fresh and are harvested at the peak of freshness for the best flavor. Zing is great by itself but it also makes great finishing sauces for seafood and full-flavored mixed drinks as well.

 Best Grain Vodka Label Logo: Triple Eight Vodka

#6 of 10 Top Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - One of the cleanest tasting vodkas available is Triple Eight Vodka. A specific well, #888 to be specific, is where the water is drawn from for this distilled spirit. The water is both clean and soft, requiring no harsh processes before it becomes this smooth vodka end product. It is ideal for shots as well as for sipping on the rocks. It is the perfect inclusion into a favorite combination of light colored spirits and fruit juices but also works well for spiced drinks featuring vanilla and cinnamon flavors. Triple Eight Vodka is a top-shelf choice that ranks higher than Ketel One according to the Beverage Tasting Institute.

 Best Grain Vodka Label Logo: Vincent Van Gogh Classic Vodka

#7 of 10 Leading Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - Vincent Van Gogh Classic Vodka is sophisticated, smooth and subtle. It is meticulously handcrafted using 10 botanicals from Europe, America and Africa, including licorice, coriander, juniper berries, grains of paradise, almonds, lemons, cassia bark, orris and cubeb berries. It has the aroma of citrus with a hint of licorice, and a smooth taste that begins with a wonderful blend of cassia bark and licorice and ends with almond and lemon. Van Gogh Classic is a top-shelf essential for every bar.

 Leading Grain Vodka Label Logo: Vodka Fourteen Organic Craft Distilled Vodka

#8 of 10 Leading Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - Vodka Fourteen Organic Craft Distilled Vodka is made in the altitude of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Five generations of secret recipes are used to craft the unique Vodka blends that are distributed all over North America and other countries. The texture of Vodka Fourteen Organic Craft Distilled Vodka is inspired by the cool climate of the Rockies. A crisp and mild taste best describes each bottle of this premium Vodka that is used to make a variety of cocktails in bars and pubs. Citrus peels should be ideally added to each serving of Vodka Fourteen Organic Craft Distilled Vodka.

 Best Grain Vodka Label Logo: Stalinskaya Vodka

#9 of 10 Leading Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - Only the highest-quality and freshest grains available make their way into Stalinskaya Vodka. Based on an old Russian recipe, the crafters of this brand use a strict grain selection process before distilling one of the world's best vodkas. The "Stal" portion in the brand's name means tough as steel, and this vodka lives up to that translation. It is ideal for making stiff cocktails, great cooking sauces and of course, for enjoyment straight or on the rocks.

 Leading Grain Vodka Label Logo: UV 103pf Vodka

#10 of 10 Leading Grain Vodka Labels of 2014 - The UV Vodka label uses potatoes, wheat and corn in a distillation process that takes some painstaking effort to precisely create the perfect blend. The organic sugars that yield from these ingredients give each bottle of UV Vodka some sweet taste. A four-step distillation procedure ensures that all of the grains are evenly mixed. The water that fills each UV Vodka bottle comes from underground wells in Minnesota. Multi-step filtration is utilized to purify this water. With a pH of exactly 6.0, UV 103pf Vodka has a consistent texture that delivers a distinct strong taste on every sip at a bar.

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