10 Best VS Cognac Brands 2017

Cognac is a drink that is regarded for its exclusivity. Since it can only be made in a particular region of France, cognac has limited availability at times. The drinking selection becomes even more exclusive when you start to look at special cognac labels. There are various distinctions for cognac, which are designed to communicate the age of the alcohol being sold. A VS label is a mid-level distinction. It stands for "very special," and these cognacs have been aged for at least two years before being bottled. You can try the top VS cognac label from the list here. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best VS Cognac Label Logo: Camus Elegance VS Cognac
#1 of 10 Best VS Cognac Labels

Camus Elegance VS Cognac

Cognac, France

#1 of 10 Best VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - The Camus family is known for many things: producing high quality cognac, using only the best grapes grown in the most sought after regions of France and their passion for producing a truly elegant spirit. Camus Elegance VS Cognac is distilled from a careful and well thought out blend of eaux de vie made without the use of lees. The Camus cellar master is always working to produce a cognac that has a great aroma and stands for the excellence that Camus has come to be known for.

 Leading VS Cognac Label Logo: Luze Alfred VS Cognac
#2 of 10 Best VS Cognac Labels

Luze Alfred VS Cognac

Cognac, France

#2 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - Each bottle of Luze Alfred VS Cognac undergoes a traditional and detailed process that brings out the signature smoothness and flavor of the brand. The professionals at Luze put utmost care into each step of the creation process, from ensuring that the barrels used to age the cognac are made strictly and exclusively of aged French oak, to creating the perfect balance of flavors during the blending process. It is because of this care taken that the complex and powerful spiced nose of Luze Alfred VS Cognac is perfectly matched with its robust, oaken palate, and finished off with a long lasting finish that can only be found in cognacs of the highest quality.

 Top VS Cognac Label Logo: Maxime Trijol VS Cognac
#3 of 10 Best VS Cognac Labels

Maxime Trijol VS Cognac

Cognac, France

#3 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - The gently spiced taste of Maxime Trijol will fill your palate with the tastes of walnut, vanilla, curry, saffron, orange, gingerbread and candied fruits in an incredible flavor combination. The thick velvet like texture offers a fabulous backdrop to the spiced flavor of this liquor. A highly balanced mixture of taste and scent, this robust drink will never disappoint and leaves only the sweetest aftertaste. This golden colored beverage will refresh and invigorate with the interesting mix of vanilla oak and fruits and spices.

 Best VS Cognac Label Logo: Comandon Cognac VS
#4 of 10 Best VS Cognac Labels

Comandon Cognac VS

Cognac, France

#4 of 10 Leading VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - Camandon Cognac "Very Special" brings out the best elements of the roughly forty or so original types which are blended together to create this signature spirit. By aging the blend in red Limousin oak casks for an average of six years, Camandon creates a soft but distinct flavor that won't be found in other cognacs. With a light nose of vanilla and honey, the subtle complexities of this VS brand are noticeable before the first sip. The light fruity and floral flavor, with hints of apricot and wild rose, is smooth and easy to drink, free of acidity that would otherwise disrupt the smooth and pleasant drinking experience.

 Top VS Cognac Label Logo: Louis Royer Cognac
#5 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels

Louis Royer Cognac

Cognac, France

#5 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - Louis Royer Cognac goes all the back to 1853, when Louis Royer decided to start his own business. At 25, this young entrepreneur had only one goal for his future, to grow his new company into an internationally known and respected spirits company. Almost 200 years later, Louis Royer Cognac stands for everything the fine and discerning cognac drinker cherishes: strength, character and sophistication. The Louis Royer VS Cognac is a young cognac with a beautiful floral aroma. The youngest eaux de vie in this very special cognac blend is never under two years old for a more refined flavor.

 Top VS Cognac Label Logo: Leopold Raffin VS Cognac
#6 of 10 Leading VS Cognac Labels

Leopold Raffin VS Cognac

Cognac, France

#6 of 10 Leading VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - Smooth, sleek, and silky - Leopold Raffin VS Cognac is an oaken blend of exotic, exquisite spices, coupled with delicate dashes of vine-ripened fruits. A sprig of spring blossoms give each bottle of this cognac a lilting, lithe fragrance – bold and strong, while maintaining a velvety taste and texture. Aiming to alight your taste buds with passion, and warm your interior from mouth to stomach, Leopold Raffin VS Cognac is a spiced combination that ages to perfection with French oak casks. Over time, the richness, smoothness, and silkiness become richer, smoother, and silkier, giving this cognac an undeniable edge on their competition.

 Top VS Cognac Label Logo: Courvoisier Cognac VS
#7 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels

Courvoisier Cognac VS

Cognac, France

#7 of 10 Best VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - Courvoisier Cognac VS has a smooth flavor, but it is a stronger drink than some other cognacs. It is made from grapes that come from France. The cognac has a sweet taste with notes of raisins, vanilla and honey suckle. The drink is aged in oak barrels and is refined for at least five years. Coming in a bottle that has an elegant design, you can see the amber color with delicate tendrils in the beverage.

 Top VS Cognac Label Logo: Deau VS Cognac
#8 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels

Deau VS Cognac

Cognac, France

#8 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - Golden with a tinge of amber honey, Deau VS Cognac swells to perfection within an oaken cask for years. Churned and tended to carefully, effortlessly, and expertly, this spirit is intermingled over time with spices, ripened fruits, sweets, and a combination of delicate spring blossoms, giving it a dainty smoothness with a lingering, passionate heat. The initial sip of Deau VS Cognac unlocks your senses, inviting your taste buds to take note of the overtones and undertones within the well-aged beverage. The taste, texture, and fragrance are smooth, almost velvety, while the flavor lends a bold punch of richness to your straight, neat, after-work drinks.

 Best VS Cognac Label Logo: Remy Martin VS
#9 of 10 Best VS Cognac Labels

Remy Martin VS

Cognac, France

#9 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - Remy Martin VS is a very special Cognac that has a young distinct blend. The blend in Remy Martin VS is approximately two-and-a-half years in age. This distinguished drink has the well-known Cognac color, but it is a little more sharp on the palate and nose. Remy Martin VS can be enjoyed as a straight drink on ice. This smooth spirit from France can also be enjoyed as a mixed drink. Its unique taste makes it extremely popular in the Cognac family.

 Leading VS Cognac Label Logo: Bache-Gabrielsen Tre Kors VS Cognac

#10 of 10 Top VS Cognac Labels of 2017 - At Bache-Gabrielsen, the creators of all of their cognacs take great care to make sure that they are made with the freshest local ingredients and aged to perfection. The making of their Tre Kors VS Cognac is no exception. By using only white grapes from local regions which are fermented into classic wines, they ensure that the starting products are as high of quality as they want their end product to be. By blending together wines that bring together a delicious fruity blend and aging it for two years in oak barrels they bring a unique palate of local fruit flavors, spices, oak, and alcohol. This balance is what makes Bach-Gabrielsen Tre Kors Very Special Cognac a hit all over the world.

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