10 Best Rum Brands May 2015

Check out the following list to find a leading rum brand with an excellent taste. Since selecting quality rum is best left to the experts, you can rely on this list to sample one or more of the 10 best rum labels on the market. Drink rum manufactured from sugar cane and coconut or rum that is distilled in oak barrels. The scents and complex flavors satisfy your palate and sooth your mind. You can even select rum made with citrus peels, butterscotch or pears. If you want to experience the best rum, try a label on this list. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Ron Zacapa Rum
#1 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Ron Zacapa Rum

Zacapa, Guatemala

#1 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Using sugar cane honey rather than traditional molasses as the base for this delicious spirit, Ron Zacapa then introduces their own yeast derived from pineapples for fermentation. Finally, a slow distillation process in copper containers and long aging in wooden drums located more than a mile above sea level culminates in a rum that is smooth and distinctively flavored. Mayan women then weave a petate band, a traditional Guatemalan art form made from palm fronds, to decorate the exterior, ensuring that each bottle of Ron Zacapa Rum is unique and beautiful.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Motu Rum
#2 of 10 Leading Rum Labels

Motu Rum

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#2 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - There are all kinds of rum brands imitating each other, but Motu has the good sense to set itself apart from the crowd. Produced in the South Pacific and once served to kings and other royalty, Motu is very different from other rums you may have experienced. Its flavors are rich and distinctive, and they lend themselves to straight consumption as well as cocktails. Is Motu the best rum brand for sure? Try it for yourself and see!

 Best Rum Label Logo: Maximo Extra Anejo Rum
#3 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Maximo Extra Anejo Rum

Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba

#3 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Maximo Extra Anejo Rum comes in a bottle that has a simple design with a brown cap. The rum is made in Cuba. It has a dark amber color. There is an alcohol content of 40%. This is a rum that has a delicate flavor with subtle notes of vanilla and honey. You can also detect hints of cinnamon, leaving a heat in finishing the drink. There are hints of dark chocolate when tasting the rum as well as dried fruits.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Vizcaya Rum
#4 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Vizcaya Rum

Vizcaya, Dominican Republic

#4 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Vizcaya Rum comes in a squared bottle with a gold top. It has a color of tea with a hint of tendrils when swirling. This is a rum that is made with sugar cane juice. It is made in small batches so that care is taken when bottling the product to give the best flavors possible. It is distilled for about 20 years in casks with bourbon. The company that makes the rum began in the 1800s and is a family owned company. It is located in the Dominican Republic.

 Top Rum Label Logo: DonQ Gran Anejo Rum
#5 of 10 Best Rum Labels

DonQ Gran Anejo Rum

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#5 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - DonQ Gran Anejo Rum is a drink that is made in Puerto Rico. It has been aged for two years, and the base ingredient is molasses. Thers is a straw color to the rum. Flavors in the rum are natural, giving the beverage a pure taste. Notes of tobacco, dried fruit and leather are initial smells. There is a sweet taste followed by notes of pepper and oak. The rum has a clean taste with a dry finish.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Cruzan Single Barrel Rum
#6 of 10 Leading Rum Labels

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

#6 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Cruzan Single Barrel Rum is produced in St. Croix. It is distilled in column stills in order to get as many flavors as possible through the rum. The rum has a dark color and comes in a slender bottle. There is no separation when swirling the drink. This is a rum that has a sweet scent as well as sweet flavors. You can detect cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices when opening the bottle. There are tasting notes of walnuts and dried fruits. It has a slight spicy finish.

 Leading Rum Label Logo: Ron Barceló Rum
#7 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Ron Barceló Rum

San Pedro de Macorós, Dominican Republic

#7 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Ron Barceló Rum is a product of the Dominican Republic. The base ingredient is molasses. It has been aged for about 8 years, and there is a dark amber color. The rum is aged in modern stills before being transferred to oak casks that are lined with bourbon. There are long legs when you swirl the rum in a glass. This is a rather spicy drink with a hint of apples when you open the bottle. There are also notes of almonds and caramel.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Rogue Dark Rum
#8 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Rogue Dark Rum

Independence, Oregon

#8 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Sometimes, there’s not enough rum. The next time rum is on your shopping list, consider Rogue Dark Rum. The worthy recipient of a number of Beverage Awards, Rogue Dark Rum will please three of your senses. Your nostrils will be entranced by the scent that develops from a sweetness towards a nutty and rich aroma. Your tongue and throat will appreciate Dark Rum’s powerful smoothness as you sip and savor. And of course your taste buds will be delighted by this best of rums, aged in whiskey barrels and locally made.

 Leading Rum Label Logo: Kinkynero Dark Rum
#9 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Kinkynero Dark Rum

Sydney, Australia

#9 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Kinkynero is a dark rum from ASM Liquor, which is an Australian spirits company that claims to keep its products free from any ingredients tainted by herbicides or pesticides of any sort. The company maintains that these ingredients help play a part in hangovers. Kinkynero pours a light gold with highlights of straw. The aroma begins subtly, but eventually the nose picks up brown sugar, oak and pastry. The mouthfeel has a light to medium body with flavors of toasty vanilla, soft spice and liquorice. The flavors linger on the palate, then dry on the finish with notes of fennel, spice and vanilla. The rum is 37.5 percent ABV.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Santa Teresa Selecto Rum
#10 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Santa Teresa Selecto Rum

Santa Teresa, Venezuela

#10 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Santa Teresa Selecto Rum is a brown rum originating from the country of Venezuela. It is a molasses-based, 80-proof rum that is aged for approximately 8 years in old wooden barrels before bottling. Santa Teresa Selecto Rum is a rather versatile, solid rum, working well both on its own and as the core of a mixed drink, and won the gold medal in the 2006 International Sugar Cane Spirits Tasting Competition in Ybor City. Its taste and smell resemble dried fruit and spicy vanilla, with a small accent of the old oak that the rum is aged in.

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