10 Best Single Malt Scotch Brands 2017

While it is difficult to find the best single malt scotch brand on your own initiative, you can experience a top brand when you sample scotch from the following list. Scottish distillery owners want to ensure that scotch maintains its historical value and unadulterated purity in the future. Consequently, distilleries located in Scotland must use barley malt. Furthermore, a brand referred to as a single malt scotch is limited to being brewed in one distinct brewery. If you are having trouble trying to find the perfect bottle of delectable scotch, try a single malt scotch label from this list. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: Glenfarclas 25

#1 of 10 Best Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - Dark gold and amber colour, the Glenfarclas 25 year old scotch is a full-bodied and robust scotch. Rich aromas of fresh-ground coffee, marmalade, honey, and nuts hit the nose while the flavour reminds you of oak and sherry all the while never overpowering your palate. Refined yet complex, the finish is long-lasting and intense. Smoky and malty, notes of Belgian chocolate hit the back of your mouth. This is a perfect after-dinner whiskey and may as well be a dessert itself for the rich, bold flavours only found in scotch aged to perfection.

 Best Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: Ardbeg Corryvreckan

#2 of 10 Best Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - Ardbeg is a brand that brings a new found power to traditional scotch whiskey. With products hailing from the island of Islay and a distillation process that brings out the best elements of their ingredients, they produce memorable and distinct flavors. Their Corryvreckan single malt scotch whiskey is full of peaty and peppery flavors and aromas beneath a complex but balanced base. The name of the whiskey comes from a notorious whirlpool near Islay, and it is representative of the natural power that this whiskey contains. The robust, full body is one that brings powerful flavors to every sip that stay in your mouth long after your glass has been emptied.

 Best Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: Highland Park 21 YO

#3 of 10 Leading Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - Highland Park 21 Year Old gives a balanced flavor and rich aroma that leaves drinkers willing to savor the experience of every drop. Orange peel, dried fruit and spices matured to evoke depth, with smells like butterscotch dark chocolate and orange this whiskey is complex to perfection. Highland Park’s 217 year-old distillery tradition shines through, showing that their five keystones (harmonization, cool maturation, sherry oak casks, aromatic peat, and hand-turned malt truly do bring about the best flavors.

 Leading Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: Laphroaig 15

#4 of 10 Top Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - Laphroaig 15 has been aged for about 15 years. It has a light color that is similar to straw. There are several notes in the scotch, making it something that can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure how to distinguish the flavors. Oak and peat are used in making the scotch, so they are the prominent notes that you will smell and taste. There are sweeter notes on bottom layers that are of fruits and toasted almonds. You will also notice nutmeg and a slight hint of honey. The country of origin is Scotland.

 Best Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: Bunnahabhain 25

#5 of 10 Top Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - Bunnahabhain 25 is one that has been aged for 25 years. It has a dark color and comes in a brown bottle with a dark topper. The scotch has a higher intensity of alcohol as it is 46% by volume. Smelling the scotch, one will notice hints of caramel and oak. It has a rich fragrance that leads up to the elegant taste of berries and cream on the palate. This is an ideal dessert beverage.

 Top Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: The Glenlivet 18

#6 of 10 Top Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - The Glenlivet 18 comes from a region in Scotland. It has a color of honey and comes in a tall bottle with a blue cap. This is a drink that is very smooth to drink, almost like velvet. There is an intense sweet taste that you can also distinguish when you smell the drink. After the sweet notes, there are hints of oranges and spices that settle on the palate. The scotch has been distilled for 18 years with an oak influence.

 Top Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: Bowmore 12

#7 of 10 Leading Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - Bowmore 12 has beautiful notes in the color of the scotch as it looks like honey in the bottle. There is a 40% alcohol content based on volume. On the nose, the scotch has a smell of the coast with hints of smoke and ash. There are also notes of lemon and orange as well as hay. These notes compete with each other, making it a stronger scotch. On the palate, you will notice flavors of vanilla and oils that give a velvety sweetness.

 Leading Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: The Dalmore 28

#8 of 10 Top Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - The Dalmore 28 is one that is made of the finest ingredients possible. No sugars or additives are blended with the scotch. This means that it has a pure flavor instead of one that is of a processed scotch. This is a beverage that goes well with a dinner or to enjoy by itself. The scotch has simple flavors including floral notes and a slight hint of oak. Ingredients used are organic and all natural so that you are tasting the true flavors of the scotch.

 Top Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: Glengoyne 10 year Old

#9 of 10 Top Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - Glengoyne 10 year Old is a single malt whiskey made in Scotland. Air-dried barley is used plus green apples and toffee to give its great taste. It is distilled slower than any other whiskey in Scotland and then placed in hand picked oak casks. It takes 6 years to prepare the casks before they will put this special whiskey in them. All this is done at the Glengoyne Distillery located in the southern Highlands of Scotland. They have been producing their single malt whiskey there for almost 200 years which as given the chance to perfect the taste.

 Leading Single Malt Scotch Brand Logo: Bruichladdich 15

#10 of 10 Leading Single Malt Scotch Brands of 2017 - A passion for amazing scotch has led the team at Bruichladdich 15 to continue to innovate and test themselves. Since the company first opened their distillery in 1881, they have been committed to providing folks in Glasgow and beyond with a drink that is sure to please. If you are looking for a smooth scotch that has big, bold flavors, then Bruichladdich 15 is the right choice for you. The company claims that their scotch has the utmost integrity, and they have been recognized with multiple awards throughout the years to back up their claims of excellence.

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